Day 57. 48km. Sotaris – Edessa

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Cycling, Greece
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Today we found the three wise men, bearing kajmak, Choco Lips and Šir. One of them gave us quite a shock. The Gods also delivered water in copious quantities today, direct from the heavens. James and I both agree, through, that rain is preferable to a head-wind. We are now snuggled up in front of a wood fire in Edessa.

The four wise men

The four wise men

The local priest was lovely, letting us camp in front of the church, use the toilet, and he even gave us a loaf of bread. Great guy!

The priest

The priest

The rain was relentless today, meaning that we stopped frequently to warm up and drink some coffee (James) and hot chocolate (me). We were showered with gifts in Arnissa – local apples and liqueur. We are receiving a warm welcome in an unfortunately wet country.

Planning our route forward

Planning our route forward

And there is nothing better than sitting in front of a wood fire after a wet day on the road. 🙂

Our guesthouse in Edessa

Our guesthouse in Edessa

  1. giannis says:

    Having cycled Greece, this country of Sun and Light for decades, the only i can say seing these rainy videos is: bad luck!
    I wonder if you carry your arctic fate everywhere 😉

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