Day 50. 42km. Komani – Pac

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Albania, Cycling
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Today was quite a day. A special national holiday meant everyone goes back to their place of birth. Many by boat. Drahtesel just fit, with a bit of help. Ii fit on the roof. Then a spectacular valley in the evening sun, ending in a perfect camping spot on the lawn in front of a mosque. My unease has gone.


A group of brits/aussies backpacking around the world joined me with the 100s of others on our little ferry along the lake valley. Just after leaving we were all asked to move to one side as the other side was filling up with water. The redistribution of weight did the trick.




I discovered a spot on the roof had the best view – of the landscape, and also into the toilet.


On arriving at Fierze, I was really unsure on how far to go today. It was a short trip to the next town, and then a long road through the mountains with only small villages. The weather was good, so I stocked up with water, and cycled up and up along the most glorious road. Down the other side is a beautiful valley. I asked someone in a village where I can put up my tent. They led me to the lawn in front of the mosque. How cool is that? I have been invited for a beer, which I will do shortly.. 🙂 Life is good!





  1. Gert-Jan says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I can see that you are still really enjoying your trip. It’s nice to read your stories, thanks for sharing the adventures.
    By the way, you are missing out on some beautiful weather in NL (20+°C), which made that this weekend I completed my second ‘trip around the world’ (see, be it far from in-one-go as it took 10 years :). Have you ever added up your cycling kilometers?



  2. deltathecat says:

    We’re in Germany, but fly out tomorrow, from Hamburg, for home. Been following your blog every day.

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