Day 38. 76km. Jelsa – Ploče

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Croatia, Cycling
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Peanut butter and salami on dark German bread, watching our tents dry on the traffic barriers while waiting for the ferry. We were quite the attraction for the Taiwanese tourists that descended from their coach.
AND, I used my universal sink plug. Yay!


The sunrise this morning was orgasmic. We had a panoramic view over the water with the mountains of neighbouring islands silhouetted on the horizon. I just stood there in silence, listening to the water lap on the rocks, and watching the birds traverse overhead.



We (Julia, James and I) traversed Hvar island – a long finger pointing back towards the mainland. A spectacular island and an amazing coastline towards Ploče.




It started getting dark and Julia pushed on to catch the ferry to Korčula Island. James and me now find ourselves camping in front of a lovely lake in someone’s private back yard with 2 French cyclists. James is the master Chef. Together we made a new concoction from things that we had. It involved pasta, packet mux (he’s from New Zealand), apples, ginger, salami, together with a tossed salad.

Tomorrow on to Mostar.

  1. Juergen says:

    Hi Matthew, I happend to come across your blog. About a year ago, when I visited the Eindhoven lab, we talked about your plan — it’s not only a plan any longer, it’s real!

    I wish you all the best; health and a safe, interesting and exciting trip back home!

  2. […] zoveel mooie plekken gezien en aardige mensen ontmoet. Onze planeet barst van de schoonheid. Ik heb prachtige zonsopgangen gezien, bergpanorama’s, en ik heb in glashelder blauw water gezwommen onder de warme […]

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