Day 35. 84km. Zadar – Šibenik

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Croatia, Cycling
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Warning. Repeat. Repeat. Croatian scree slope bike paths (like Istria). Beautiful coast with lakes and islands. Searching for the peaceful cycling road. Oh. And an amazing sunset in a beautiful town – Šibenik.

Yes. Clever me - I think..

Yes. Clever me – I think..

My cycling shorts were almost dry after the kind owner of my room in Zadar decided, while I was away, that they shouldn’t dry over the seat in my room. She kindly hung them up on her balcony and then in the entrance to the apartment. Today, in Šibenik, I have an apartment where I am the king and master. I’m not drying my cycling shorts, though (and no one else is either)..

The apartment took some finding, after speaking to 3 different (and helpful) people in English and German. And navigating the pedestrian zone in Šibenik.

Drahtesel in Šibenik

Drahtesel in Šibenik

The coast here is fantastic. On the coast there are always hilly islands just out to shore.

The coast

The coast

This makes for amazing sunsets. This one is Šibenik, I swear (and not Zadar). 🙂

Sunset in Šibenik

Sunset in Šibenik

I spent quite some time on the main road from Zadar to Split, but, did find some quiet roads. One was even a bike path – I should have been worried (after Istria). It soon became gravel with slippery scree – ideal for falling off Drahtesel.

A peaceful road

A peaceful road

A Croatian bike path

A Croatian bike path

Another Croatian bike path - I turned back

Another Croatian bike path – I turned back

I’m getting nearer to James Lambie who is cycling to New Zealand. Maybe our paths will cross tomorrow. Maybe not. We are heading off to Bosnia soon. Our plans are still being cooked up.

  1. Kittl says:

    SIBENIK nicht SibeRnik
    Viel Spass auf Deiner Reise, ich lese täglich mit!
    I keep my fingers crossed.
    Gruß Kittl vom Radforum

  2. Austin says:

    Hello, my friend and I were thinking about renting bikes in Zadar and riding all the way to Sibenik for a day trip. I was just wondering if someone who has cycled this route could answer some questions I have. Thank you.

  3. Austin says:

    We were just wondering if the route is safe to travel i.e( high traffic, is there a bike lane?, if the route is confusing) we arent experienced bike riders just a couple of college kids. Also what kind of bike would be best for the ride and if we decide to ride to sibenik from Zadar, could we catch a bus from sibenik to zadar which we could strap our bikes on the bus or something to take them back seeing as we want to ride down but not so much back.

    • Mm. I cycled from Zadar to Šibenik as part of a much longer trip with lots of luggage and a trekking bike. That was my first time in the area, so I only know the route that I took. I don’t know about bus connections or other routes.
      I first caught a small ferry to the island opposite Zadar which runs parallel to the coast. That was lovely on a quiet road. The rest of the way had quiet parts and very busy parts on a main road with lots of traffic.
      If you have not cycled much, maybe you should hire some bikes in Zadar (or Šibenik), ask some locals where it is nice to cycle, and do a small loop in the area.

      Good luck!

  4. Austin says:

    If its not too much trouble could you in a nutshell list the route you took to be able to bike from Zadar to Sibenik with information about the ferry you took and the route please. We really want to try to bike the coast so any information is much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Austin. If you click on the google map at the end of this post, you can download the kml file and view it in Google maps. It is very detailed – I tracked exactly the route I took.

      There are ferries crossing from Zadar all the time, and about once an hour back to the mainland after you have cycled along the islands.

      The bike path I followed along the lake is good for a while until it turns into a dirt path. At this point, it is better to return to the main road.

      I hope this helps. Good luck!

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