Day 33. 60km. Valbiska – Novalja

Posted: October 15, 2014 in Croatia, Cycling
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I enjoyed today. The islands are beautiful. Pag island is bleak. The mountains on the mainland loom over the coast shrouded in cloud. And it bucketed down.


I made it to the ferry! I feel happy moving forward. The departure in the dark and the rumble of thunder waiting for the boat increased the excitement.


A lunch break in Rab town.


Just about to continue, a toilet break turned into a torrential downpour viewing. Drahtesel got a good clean.


The rain stayed my friend for the rest of the day. Sometimes it abated and sometimes it poured down. At one point in the mountains, already wet, I stopped in a bus stop shelter.





Enough rain. I stopped moderately early in Novalja on Pag island.


My host didn’t show up and is apparently in Zagreb. I am now in a hostel with lovely friendly staff and am drinking a warm tea as my room is being prepared.They’re playing Seal ‘Crazy’. I like that song, and it goes with my mood. I’m warm and happy.


  1. Are you using a GoPro camera?

  2. jovialspoon says:

    What an amazing landscape. Yes, it is bleak, but also beautiful in its own way. It’s fascinating seeing the different landscapes you’re traveling through. Thanks as always for sharing these pics with us.

  3. annathrax says:

    My family are from pag. Really is a crazy unique island. Will be going backnext year for my hit of bleakness! cheers.

  4. Alessandro says:

    way to go Matthew! Rain or shine, we love to follow your progress. In one of the pictures above, you look pretty drenched, though. Forecast seems to indicate an improvement for tomorrow. Good luck and thank you for taking us along your journey.

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