Day 23. 72km. Manerba – Verona

Posted: October 5, 2014 in Cycling, Italy
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Today I felt like an ant, crawling around with thousands of other ants. I was part of the mound of tourist ants. I took photos, holding my phone up high. One of the many. Busses and cars transport the ants along busy roads and then wait outside where the ant density is too high. Drahtesel plies the same roads, and like the busses and cars, waits patiently outside.



Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?
I saw Juliette’s tower today, and the balcony where such a scene may have taken place. Today, being the first Sunday in the month, meant that potential Juliette’s could stand out on the balcony for only one euro. The Juliettes rotated constantly on the balcony, being watched by the hoards of Romeos (and me, of course) from below.

Juliette's balcony

Juliette’s balcony

From high up from the central tower, I had a bird’s eye view out over Verona. It is a lovely city. The rooftops and squares gave me the feeling of Italy – a holiday feeling. I have already come a long way from the Netherlands.

Verona from above

Verona from above

Verona from above

Verona from above

Earlier in the day I visited Sirmione – a thin peninsula poking up into Lago di Garda. I convinced the policeman that I would only push my bike through the centre, and he let me through. I soon left. There really was no room..



I guess I am a loner. Crowds stress me. An open road, alone, through the mountains, through the plains – that is for me.

  1. Magnifiques photos ! Nous voyageons avec toi merci Matthew !!!

  2. Leo van Lierop says:

    Hi there Matthew,

    At the moment I´m writing this message, I´m sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. We, my, wife and I, are cycling for four weeks from Singapore to Langkawi (north of Malaysia). I´m following your blog from your start in Eindhoven. I work in the same city and live in the area around Eindhoven. I like to read your blogs, enjoying your fabulous foto’s and in a kind of way like I am peddling besides you…. I have the same feeling about crowdy places like you have…also a little bit a loner….;-)). Her at the west side of Malaysia it is hard to find the silent and quiet roads and being in KL at the moment is because
    we’ve been several times at the aiport but never seen the city. The east side, that we did cycle some years ago, are much calmer. never the less; I want to wish you all the best on your journey and hope that you can keep up the good spirit en joy because those are the things they really matter while your travelling. Especially cycling!!

    Good luck!!!

    • Hi Leo. Great to hear from you. The South East Asian part of the trip will be interesting. Actually, I was planning to cycle in the mountains in the centre of the Malaysian peninsula. I’ve heard it is lovely there and less busy.
      Keep enjoying your trip!

      Greetings from Verona.


  3. Ellen says:

    Hi, I loved Verona! But I do agree it is busy. We went to Aida and it rained, it took 5 ½ hours and we still didn’t see the end. The weather seems to be fine when you were there. Take care,

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