Day 13. 113km. Ehningen – Schömberg

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Cycling, Germany
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A day extra before visiting friends in Meßstetten. I’m really in purple cow Milka territory now. Pine covered steep hills, and green fields. I can’t stop thinking of the alps in Switzerland. Due to a miscalculation, I find myself in a camping ground just 20km from Meßstetten. My plan of cycling a bit along the Danube before Meßstetten will be challenging.

In the forest before Tübingen

In the forest before Tübingen

The friend I am visiting in Meßstetten will only be there on Friday evening, so I have an day to kill. Emil from suggested I cycle along the Danube and see the beautiful caves and cliffs. Based on this, I planned to cycle along the Neckar to the source, and tomorrow, skip over the source of the Danube, and follow it to Sigmaringen. So, today: first to Tübingen (again) through the beautiful forest.



The Neckar is long, and it winds back and forth.

Path along the Neckar

Path along the Neckar

The Neckar valley is quite deep

The Neckar valley is quite deep

In Sulz I investigated possible destinations for today. I noted that there was no way I was going to reach the source of the Neckar today. I also noted there are no camping grounds after Sulz along the Neckar. So… I cut cross country, to a camping ground just 20km from Meßstetten. I’m not sure what I will do tomorrow. I need to end in Meßstetten. Any suggestions?

Oh. By the way, I passed 1000km today. Yay!

1000km mark

1000km mark

  1. Hans says:

    Nice trip hopefully you can give us updates everyday!

  2. Jean-Pierre says:

    Matthew, congrats with the first 1000 km of your trip. 😀 Many safe and enjoyable kilometers to follow.

  3. zijderveld-ross says:

    Dear Matthew,

    Congratulations with your first 1000 kms!

    It’s a pleasure to read your experiences so far.
    Keep cycling, keep smiling and keep positive and you will reach your goal.

    All the best and kind regards,

    Antonie Zijderveld / Jacqueline Ross
    Assistants to Dr. J.W. (Hans) Hofstraat
    Vice President Philips Research
    Healthcare Strategic Partnerships

    Philips Research
    High Tech Campus 34, 7.060
    5656 AE Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Tel. +31 402749270, Email:

    Working days:
    Antonie Zijderveld: Tue pm, Wed, Thu
    Jacqueline Ross : Mon, Tue am, Fri

    • Hey. Jacqueline! Leuk om van je te horen! Vandaag is de absolute highlight. Ik ben in Sigmaringen aan de Donau. Ongelofelijk mooi en prachtig weer!
      Groeten aan iedereen daar!

  4. Hans Driesssen says:

    Hi Matthew zo te zien heb je veel plezier en ziet er relaxed uit. Geheel anders dan de rest van het team hier dat vlak voor PIE zit. Voor mij begint het al zondag. Leuk om elke dag je avonturen te lezen. Zet hem op! (ps kan je me je pin emailen van je philips mobiel? thx)

    • Hi Hans.
      Leuk om van je te horen. Ik kan me voorstellen dat het iets hectisch is nu met de PIE.
      Ik heb net een erg mooie dag gehad. Ik ben de langs de Donau gefietst. Prachtig weer, en een erg mooie route!

      Ik hoop dat het je goed gaat!! 🙂


  5. Ah.Right by a railway line. Can’t argue with that (says the unreformed trainspotter)! 🙂

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