Day 7. 82km. Limburg – Gießen

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Cycling, Germany
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A grey day in the Lahn valley. Cycling on through the mist, rain and cloudy skies. The sun arrived in Gießen, where I caught up with my friend Mathias. We had a lovely evening chatting.

Misty morning in Limburg

Misty morning in Limburg

While cycling, I always look out for beautiful sceneries for a photo. Where is the sun? What is the best angle? What to include in the photo, and what not? Always looking for photos, you stay focussed on the now, and what you are experiencing at this moment. Today, I felt tempted to take photos just to be able to say that I took a photo. Nowhere, today, did a photo jump out and hit me. I didn’t take many photos.

While cycling, I look for an anecdote, a story, a scene that I can write about. Something that makes this day special. Today, there was nothing. I have decided not to try to make one up. Today it was cloudy, wet and grey, and that is OK.

After 82km I arrived in Gießen, and took this photo.



The evening was lovely, catching up with Mathias – a friend from my Aachen times. We talked, ate and walked and went shopping. Oh, and the sun came out for me in Gießen, in time for our city stroll.

  1. Personally, I like the misty-morning photo very much 🙂

  2. Elva Ellen Kowald says:

    Matthew..I spent a rainy weekend in Limburg with friends a couple of years ago. WONDERFUL old town even in the rain…love your photos and blog!

    • Hi Elva.
      Great to hear from you!! Limburg is, indeed, a beautiful town. Lots of little cobblestone streets and cute little shops and cafes. I had a nice view over the river.

      Greetings from Darmstadt.. 🙂


  3. salieu says:

    you are doing great things on bike….cycling is emotion.The desire of every human-being to proof him self.Its a battle ,a man to mam fight where suffering is synonymous with perseverance and passion.Therefore has a sweeter taste than honey.Cycling is especially battle against yourself.Against the element of nature ,the opponent circumstances and the own physical shortcoming.Cycling is mainly learning how to lose over and over again to face that battle.To become resurrected as a newborn man,knowing how to cross his boundaries

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