Day 4. 42km. Köln – Bonn.

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Cycling, Germany
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Today was a day with friends in Bonn with a short ride in the sun first to get there. Talking, eating, walking, haircuts, and collecting a new webcam in Bonn.

Friends in Bonn

Friends in Bonn

My trip is feeling more like a big holiday than a serious bike trip. And, it will stay that way for another 3 days as my friend in Giessen that I want to visit will only return then. (Giessen is really only 2 days from here, I think.) Still, there is plenty of time, and it’s quite nice hanging out in the city with good friends I won’t be seeing for a long time. The first part of my trip is a farewell tour, after all.

It was 42km to Bonn along the lush, green Rhein River.

Along the Rhein River

Along the Rhein River

And a warm Bonner welcome,

followed by a nice ferry ride into the city.

The ferry in Bonn

The ferry in Bonn

I had a much needed haircut, and collected the new webcam (GoPro) that I ordered. (My other webcam (Ion Pro) was crashing constantly, and couldn’t be reset – you needed to wait five hours for the battery to die before a reset was possible. Due to this technical problem I have not been able to take any action videos thus far, including on the first day with all my friends joining me to the Belgian border.)

My new gadget

My new gadget

  1. valerievolk says:

    Like the haircut.

  2. deltathecat says:

    Looks like a great send-off. Enjoy! We will be leaving in a few hours for Dubai, and then on to Ireland for a few weeks.

  3. So Matthew I hope this camera is much better so that we enjoy the movies that you will made.

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