World Cycle: Routes through Italy, Croatia and Montenegro

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Cycling
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The planning continues – putting together a cycling route through Europe as part of my world cycle from Eindhoven in the Netherlands, to Adelaide, Australia.

This is a part I am really looking forward to. Coming down from the alps, visiting the spectacular city of Venezia (Venice), before cycling down the beautiful Balkan coast. The photos of that coast look amazing. *Excited*.


Skadar lake in Montenegro. (

Like on earlier trips, I am planning a route, and letting people out there in internet land shoot at it. Here are my planned routes for Italy, Croatia and Montenegro.

All suggestions are welcome!

  1. AndrewGills says:

    Say, when do you leave? I will be following your adventure and planning closely because I’ve decided to set off on my bike to cycle to Norway via the Americas and Asia from September (assuming my house sells by then).

    I have a burning need to go on a big adventure. I had a health scare last week and it made me know that I have to do it. My partner of 16 years and I have even broken up to allow me to go.

    I’m thinking I’ll start in Patagonia and work my way north to Alaska before turning west to Europe

    • Wow! That sounds like an amazing adventure. And, indeed, there is no time like the present to do it. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

      I am also leaving in September. I need to get the timing right to not cycle in northern Europe in the cold, and also not cycling in central Asia in winter. I will stop for 3 months in December, spend a month in Australia over Christmas, and then do a Chinese language course somewhere in China.
      In March I will continue through Turkey, Iran, the Stans, and then China. Maybe our paths will cross..

      All the best with your preparations and trip!


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