Day 53. 96km. Nuorgam – Bugøynes

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Cycling, Norway
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Today was wet, and warm. Grey and uninspiring until the weather really got erratic. On the back road to Bugøynes, I had a downpour and a beautiful rainbow.

Day 53. 96km. Nuorgam – Bugøynes. Map and gpx.

Thanks Heikki for the fluorescent yellow vest for when it rains. Well, today it rained.


It drizzled. Then it stopped. It was warm. It was cooler. Temperature regulation was a challenge. I was constantly adding and removing layers – keeping layers dry, removing layers for uphill and adding them for downhill. But, really, it looked cold in the photos, but it was warm. Luckily.


This photo was more typical of the weather. The others were taken in clear moments.

I met fellow cyclist Raffaello huddled under a shelter at a parking stop. He is from Finland, cycling around Lapland and Northern Norway (here is his blog). We’re going in opposite directions and were able to exchange notes. Good luck, Raffaello, on the rest of your trip!

I then left the main road to cycle along a little peninsula to Bugøynes. The landscape changed. It was rocky. Big slabs of rock, chiselled and barren.

Then the weather went crazy. The sun burst out, it drizzled, sun, and then it poured. Then, the most beautiful rainbow.

Followed by the first proper sun.


Bugøynes is a lovely little fishing village. Very peaceful and away from it all.

It looks out over a bay where the sun (almost) sets. Yesterday was an amazing sunset with the thunderstorm. Today was more subdued, but still nice – watching it from the verandah, listening to the waves lap on the shore.



  1. Raffaello says:

    Hi Matthew! It was great to meet you along the way today. Despite the rain. Have a wonderful end of your trip! you can follow mine (very very short this year) at

    • Hey Raffaello. Nice to have met you too and good to read your blog (and see you enjoyed the pizza). I couldn’t see how to leave a comment on your blog so I’ll leave it here. Enjoy the Tana River. It should be nice weather now (although who believes the weather forecast anyway).. 🙂

  2. EDL says:

    How will your trip end? Will you take the hurtigruten all the way to Bergen or fly home from Kirkenes?

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