Day 40. 103km. Alta – Oldenfjord

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Cycling, Norway
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Today was cold and bleek. It was a slog up to and across the tundra plateau with grey skies and varying winds and some rain. Sun is predicted for the night. Matthew is going night cycling again.

Day 40. 103km. Alta – Oldenfjord. Map and gpx.

The route today was full of stories for me from last year. The climb from Alta to the plateau only to return with another broken spoke and a broken wheel. I cycled some parts twice last year, and drove some of it with my sick bike in the back.

The weather was grey, cold, and a wind that was moderately strong but couldn’t decide which direction to blow. I waited for brief moments of sun to take a photo.

Here’s where I turned back last year.

The route climbed and dropped several times and then had a long (windy) stretch along the plateau. It was lovely but not at its best with the weather and the traffic.






I had a snack in Skaidi – also a place I have been to several times – by bike and by car. After Skaidi I was overtaken by a French man on his way to the North Cape. We cycled together to Oldenfjord where we are both camping.

The sun is meant to come out around midnight. With sun and no traffic, I’m having an early night and some more night cycling.

  1. kairo-hh says:

    Hey, morgen bist Du dann ja wohl da 🙂 Ich beneide Dich echt 🙂

  2. kairo-hh says:

    Ups, bin ein Tag zu spät drann *lol*

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