Day 15. 102km. Nida – Sventoji

Posted: June 22, 2013 in Cycling, Lithuania
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A slow amble along the Lithuanian Curonian Spit. Sleep in, lazy breakfast, lunch and early dinner in Klaipeda. Then a 40km sprint to make the daily distance somewhat respectable.

Day 15. 102km. Nida – Sventoji. Map and gpx.

Uli from Germany was also staying at my guesthouse. He also cycled through Kaliningrad and is on his way to Helsinki. He left before me as I nipped up to the top of the local sand dune in Nida.

The bike infrastructure in Lithuania is immaculate. The bike paths are well signposted and the surface is good. Consequently there were lots of cyclists on short trips through the dunes and forests.

My first stop was in the ‘dead dunes’. Many villages have been buried under these dunes over the years. Chaining the bike against a tree proved to be a challenge due to the killer ants. 🙂


After ambling along a bit further I stopped for lunch in a hip beach cafe near Juodkrante. What was nice at first lead to irritation as it took forever for them to make my ice cream. I guess I should have chilled. I am in holidays. But, I wanted to move on. 🙂

A swim was also needed. It was pretty hot and sweaty weather.

So, all in all, it was 1700 by the time I arrived in Klaipeda, and I had only clocked up 60km. I was hungry, it was nice weather, and I ran into Uli from Nida. Forget cycling on. We went for a 3 course meal on the market square.

My life consists of eating, swimming and cycling in the sun. Not a bad life, eh? But, I wanted to move on. I moved into my sprint mind set and stepped on the gas. And I went fast. I have really got a lot stronger over the last 2 weeks. I am in the last camping ground before the latvian border. Next to the beach on the mid summer long weekend, there is a party mood here. Awesome!

  1. Mansi says:

    Hey! So nice to read your blog posts! Thanks for the postcard from Hel !!! Bram says in Norway there is also a ‘hell’ so next time from there, ok? 😉 The trip seems to be going smooth and full of nice food, people and beaches. Most importantly you have great weather (which sucks here in NL)…take care and looking forward to lot more blog posts! x

    • Hi Mansi.
      I think there are several Hells in Norway. One is on the southern tip of the Lofoten Islands I believe, only reachable by boat.
      I am very lucky with the weather. Going North is no guarantee of nice weather. 🙂 It might rain today, but will still be warm. A bit of rain would even be welcome to cool off. 🙂
      See ya!

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