Day 12. 121km. Gdansk – Frombork

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Cycling, Poland
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I declare today hot. At least for cycling. But really lovely weather. Sunny. Beautiful. The fields radiate out summer and life. The forests are cool relief from the sun and a beautiful green. Life is good.

Day 12. 121km. Gdansk – Frombork. Map and gpx.

Leaving Gdansk I was pulled over by a nice cyclist as I made my way down the main road. There was a quieter route that I could take. He guided me on a little road parallel to the main road and dropped me off at the oil refinery where he worked.

My route out of Gdansk was optimal thanks to Simon’s guidance (he made me a special gpx file) and the parallel streets with Marcin.

My route to Elblag was changed due to a ferry that wasn’t running. High water levels (like in Germany). I met two German cyclists at the ferry, and together we worked out an alternate route. It was a bit of playing it by ear. We ended up crossing the river on the main road on a super narrow footpath.

After about 30km we parted our ways. Have a good trip Peter and Ralf.

It was a quiet pretty road through the fields in the bright sunlight. Little villages, fields of wheat and dotted with colorful flowers.

I am staying in a little village about 15km from the Russian border. I arrived in time to enjoy a bit of the beach.

Tomorrow Russia and Калининград. Looking forward to it. Kind of cool cycling through Russia, eh?

  1. JEAJ says:

    Hi Matthew
    Je boft met het weer, hier wordt heel veel regen verwacht en jij zit op zeer pittoreske strandjes! Prachtig die kust in Polen. En morgen/vandaag Rusland. Spannend! Fietsend zal het verschil wellicht niet groot zijn. Het is ook wel een heel gekke exclave waar je door heen gaat.Zijn je poolse chocoladerepen al op?

    • Hoi Judith.
      Veel van de Poolse chocoladen zijn gesmolten. En het wordt alleen maar warmer. Daarom vandaag alleen een korte dag naar Kalinengrad.
      Het zou morgen ook hier regenen maar het blijft warm.
      Altijd leuk om van je te horen!


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