Day 2 of England cycle: Chelmsford – Canterbury (125km)

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Cycling, England
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An early train from London to Chelmsford to join Chris on the second day of my England cycle trip. The weather got better and better and a side/tail wind soared our spirits.

A breakfast of porridge at Chris’ and I got to meet Val, after having heard so much about her. It rained during breakfast, but Val ordered nice weather for our trip, and it came to pass.

It was a very varied trip. We stated crossing with the horses.

A little ferry trip across the Thames brought us into Kent.

Then an interesting path through the docks.


The weather really became lovely as we meandered through the fields.

And then we stopped for a late lunch at Rochester. Lovely.


Kent also has its fair share of mud flats. We followed a windy road around the coast, passing lots of ship wrecks.


The cycle got nicer and nicer in the evening light. The route 1 twisted and turned through fields, over dikes, and over rolling hills.


Light was running out, and we left route 1 to make some speed to get to a camping ground at Canterbury.

I used my new whisperlight cooker, new pots and new tent for the first time. All passed the test. My test is now approved wind and rain resistant. Yes. It rained at night. 🙂

  1. […] as training for my 6000km cycling expedition, I met Chris on his own territory as we cycled in England from Harwich to Dover. Last weekend, as a post-adventure debriefing, we met in Holland to stretch the legs, and dream […]

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