Cycling forums are great. This time the German forums

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Cycling
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In summer 2013 I will be cycling from Eindhoven in the Netherlands to the North Cape in Norway. After putting together a preliminary route, I have been asking advice on different cycling internet forums. The response has been amazing. First I updated my cycling route in Poland to follow the Baltic Sea coast, and now I have updated the German leg to connect with my new Polish route.

Many thanks to the people in the cycling forum. I have been given long distance routes to paste together for my trip, advice on where to go and where not. I also have a couple of people that are going to cycle along with me for a time, and even offers to stay at people’s place overnight. I am really excited with the response, and I’m looking forward to meeting up with some people from the forum next year on my trip! Thanks everyone!!

Here is my new route.

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