Kjøllefjord – Tromsø with the Hurtigruten

Posted: July 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

The cycle trip is over. *snif* The trip back to Tromsø was next and a short interlude in Tromsø before the second half of the holiday on Svalbard.

The Hurtigruten left Kjøllefjord at 3:30 am so we set our alarms for 1 am. It was going to be a day of unusual sleeping hours.

By the time we left the camping ground at 2 am, the weather had improved a lot. The short 8 km cycle to Kjøllefjord was lovely.


Just enough time to get changed and rearrange everything for the boat trip. Then our Hurtigruten: Nordkapp, arrived. (A very apt name..)


The trip was quite relaxing. I slept twice on a quiet sofa, once for 4 hours, and once for 2 hours. I chatted with various people, and took photos outside. I had a brief stop for lunch in Hammerfest with Chris where he left the Hurtigruten for his flight home.

The weather changed in the course of the day from lovely bright sunny weather to rainy, windy, cold weather. It was a lovely relaxing trip. Norway is a beautiful country.





I arrived at midnight in a wet and bleak Tromsø. Unfortunately it will stay like this the whole time I am here. I can’t complain about the weather I have had, though.

  1. FB says:

    Tromsø must feel like home by now. Now for Stage II.

    • Yes, it does. I’m seeing Tromsø in all it’s different lights. This time I’m seeing Tromsø in the rain.
      On the Hurtigruten they give you a sticker with your destination port to stick on your bike (or car, for that matter). It is now a proud addition to my bike, prominently visible on the top bar of the frame, indicating my bike’s second home.

  2. (Nenad)> it doesn’t have all spokes, but it has a sticker 🙂
    How did it happen again? On the new Hammerfest wheel?

  3. Oh, now I see on tweeter that actually there were two spokes and it is really a new wheel. What are you doing with all those wheels?
    So, you have met also the talkative guy from Interposrt Tromso. We liked him very much! He fixed my wheel really well.

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