Day 1. Eindhoven – Waterloo. 167km

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Belgium, Cycling, Netherlands
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Eindhoven – Waterloo

I left mounting the front wheel pannier carriers until the last evening. This was a bad idea. I couldn’t get them mounted. I needed to be able to make a screw shorter by sawing it off. I gave up, and left with only the rear wheel bags. My test of packing the bike with all the equipment for Norway will have to wait until next time.

I was excited to leave and was awake super early. I was on the road by 5:30. It was cold and overcast. I cycled with long cycle pants and 2 layers on my torso. I made a note that for Norway I will buy warm and sturdy (and waterproof) shoes for cycling. And, I noted to bring warm gloves next time.

There was low hanging mist suspended over all the lakes. In the early morning it was a beautiful light with the sun hanging low. The birds were tweeting and the world was still sleeping. It was just me to see this glorious morning.


The world slowly started rising. I passed (or actually was passed) by lots of packs of cyclists as I cycled along the canal, lined with rich green trees. I turned south and followed the long distance cycle route southwards. I passed along canals, then cute farmer villages and finally along a straight stretch of bike path that used to be a train track. I passed Tienen and then some beautiful forests.

I expected the hills to increase as I got further south. This was true in general. The hills came in patches. And some were tough. One just out of Tessenderlo and one just out of Tienen. In between it was flat and easy going, made a bit more difficult with a slight head wind.

I was getting hungry, and my iPhone was running out of juice. At 16:30 I pulled up in Overijse and had a tasty lunch/dinner. The only camping ground within reach was in Overijse itself. It turned out to be closed. I decided to stay in a hotel. I am now in the rather ugly Waterloo, just south of Brussels.

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