Luyksgestel – Weert. 35km run along the canal

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Running
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Luyksgestel – Weert

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The second time round for the run from Luyksgestel to Weert. A pleasant bus ride through the green countryside with the sun shining and the blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds. A train trip back from Weert with the dark looming clouds threatening overhead. In between 35 km along beautiful canals in Belgium. Tree-lined paths, fishermen whiling away the hours in the peaceful greenery, joggers and cyclists plying the paths.

I left the canal and made the dash to Weert. Having learnt from last time, I crossed over to the right hand side of the canal before the Dutch-Belgian border. This way I didn’t have to run along a main road with no bike or footpath. I increased my speed and was thrilled that I could maintain a pace of 5:20 per kilometre. I averaged just a tick under 10km/h. Not bad for 35km.

This is an experimental blog post from my iPhone. This is how I will have to post on my bike trip.. I hope it works out.. 🙂

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